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Since its opening our park has served as a venue for many great and unforgettable programmes in the past years. However, weddings are different. They are once in a lifetime, unrepeatable and unforgettable - this is what the newlyweds think, and this is the way we feel!

We know that on this special day it is not enough for us to be good and attentive hosts but we have to really become members of the family.

Those about to take the plunge usually have vivid memories of the wedding feasts at the end of the fairy tales, of white horses and splendid carriages, of tables filled to overflowing (see the Wedding of Sleeping Beauty) and we can do no less!

The Lázár Team aims to make your wedding experience that will be the talk of generations to come!

Our team will assist you in:

  • Organising the civil or church ceremony where, as the wedding gift of the Equestrian Park, the young couple will be taken by coach.

  • Putting together the menu, the list of drinks and cocktails. One of the greatest moment of the celebration is when the abundant wedding dinner is served.

  • Choosing the appropriate master of ceremonies, photographer, film crew, decorator and florist, or even the ox to be barbecued!

And of course, the Lázár Team is ready to meet any special request!

Apart from our team, the venues also have great importance in making the wedding a successful event.

The children can visit the animals and play around, using the great facilities of the park. There are also many outdoor programmes available for the guests: horse show, a ride in the nearby forest in coaches seating 16-18 people. We can receive 200 people at each of the Lodges at a time, but we often welcome an even larger party of guests.

We have organised more than 200 weddings since the opening of the Park in 2001.


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Throughout the year guests are welcome on a reservation basis.
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