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Lázár Vilmos sz.jpgHe was born on 26 March 1967 in Budapest.

Married to Timea, they have two children Zsófia (2002), and Vili Junior (2003).

His hobbies include HORSES, sailing, motor sports, skiing, hunting, music, teaching and work.

An outstanding personality in the coach driving world. He has been regarded as one of the best drivers for years. He is a man of great racing routine and driving culture.
He has started thirteen world championships since 1989.

Five times individual and six times team world champion, owner of fourteen world championship medals. 

Lecturer on horse-related subjects at Szent István University

  • President of the Hungarian Equestrian Sport Association.

    On 27 February 2009 he was elected president with 100 % of the votes of the assembly of the Hungarian Equestrian Sport Association, the successor of the National Federation of the Hungarian Equestrian Sport Societies, founded in 1924. It is the first time that the association elected an active world champion for president.

  • Coordinator of the professional affairs of Kincsem National Equestrian Programme.

  • President of the Equestrian Taskforce of the Hungarian Ministry of Rural Development

  • Member of the Hungarian Olympic Committee

  • Inventor, co-owner and chief organizer of the Equestrian World Cup, organised annually in the Papp Lászó Budapest Sport Arena, an event popular with both professional and general audience

  • President of  the Board of Supervision of CBA, the Hungarian Supermarket Chain.

  • Co - owner and president of the National Gallop.

Major results of his sports career:

  • Five times individual world champion (1999 Kecskemét, Hungary; 2001 Riesenbeck, Germany; 2007 Warka, Poland; 2013 Topolcianky, Slovakia; 2015 Fábiánsebestyén, Hungary).

  • Six times team world champion (1989 Balatonfenyves, Hungary; 1999 Kecskemét, Hungary; 2001 Riesenbeck, Germany; 2003 Jardy, France; 2013 Topolcianky, Slovakia; 2015 Fábiánsebestyén, Hungary).

  • Individual World Championship Silver Medal, (1993 Gladstone, USA) Bronze Medal (2005 Wals-Salzburg, Austria)

  • Three times team World Championship Silver Medal (2005 Wals-Salzburg, Austria, 2007 Warka, Poland, 2009 Kecskemét, Hungary).

  • Winner of the Danube Alpine Cup (2012.).

  • Thirteen times Hungarian Champion: (1989, 1993, 1994, 1998, 2001, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013).

  • Ten times Hungarian Derby winner: (1989, 1991, 1993, 1996, 1997, 1999, 2001, 2003, 2011, 2012).


Professional and public awards

  • Count István Széchenyi Memorial Medal (the highest equestrian award)

  • Hungarian Republic Presidential Medal (1999, 2003)

  • Báthory Prize (2009)

  • Golden Whip Prize

  • Six times the Equestrian Sportsman of the Year.

  • Eternal Champion of Hungarian Equestrian Sport

  • Has been on the podium among the best Hungarian sports people twice

  • Member of the Society of Hungarian Sport Stars

  • CBA Gold Emblem 1999

  • In 1999 he received the Honorary Citizen award of the 17th district of Budapest.

  • Order of Merit of the Hungarian Republic

" …and so by skill one driver can beat another "

(Homer's Iliad, Book XXIII, 8th Century BC)


An outstanding personality in the coach driving world. President of the Hungarian Equestrian Sport Association. Seven times coach driving world champion. University lecturer on horse-related issues. Technical director of the Hungarian National Horse Programme. Inventor of the idea and chief organiser of the annual Horse World Cup held in Papp László Budapest Sports Arena, an event that is popular with the profession and general public alike. The vice President of CBA, the Hungarian Supermarket Chain. The co-owner of the family business, the Lázár Equestrian Park, with great international renown. A man of great sporting, economic, social and political capital.

"How can you tackle so many tasks simultaneously?"
"With teamwork. I like to think that I have a good touch for choosing the right colleagues." Vilmos says.
"Even coach driving is teamwork – ranging from picking, and training the right horse to the organisation of the race and racing itself."
However, one is still alone when sitting on the box seat, with all the decisions to be made alone. He has been the best coach driver of the world for years.
He is a man of great racing routine and driving culture. He has had successful starts at all the world cups for over two decades, since 1989.
His peers regard him as a cool headed competitor of balanced thinking and strong nerves. On the world cups he often won the show driving, obstacle and marathon driving and has no weaker number.
He can also thank his horse, Mythos the successful Lipica mare for his successes, who won race after race on eight world cups and has since become a mother.

Lasollay, the German cavalry captain used to say that there were drivers who held the reins respectably like a  raftsman, in accordance with the music notes they had learnt. However, he compared the really great coach drivers to the beautiful music played by the virtuoso violinist. In the case of the virtuoso the hard work of the practice is combined with God-given talent, innate sentiment and temperament. The style of Hungarian drivers.


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