Zoltán Lázár

Lázár Zoltán sz.jpgHe was born on 24 April 1973 in Budapest.

Zoltán is married to Anikó and they have one son, Zolika (1998).

His hobbies include HORSES, sailing, skiing, motor sports, hunting, music and teaching.

Five-times two-in-hand and two-times four-in-hand world champion.

Owner of twelve world championship and three european championship medals.

He is a man of great international experience and driving culture.

His gifted son, Zoltán jr. is dreaming of becoming a successful show jumper.


  • Lecturer on horse-related subjects at Szent István University.

  • He has prominent functions in the organisation of the regular Horse World Cup, held in Papp László Budapest Sports Arena.

  • Co-owner and co-president of the National Gallop.

  • He has now more time for coach driving than his brother, but still takes part in the business ventures, he is co-owner of the family business, the Lázár Equestrian Park.


Major results of his sports career:

  • Two-in-hand coach driving individual world champion (1997 Riesenbeck, GER).

  • Four-in-hand coach driving individual world champion (2004 Kecskemét, HUN).

  • Five times two-in-hand coach driving team champion (1999 Kecskemét, HUN, 2001 Riesenbeck, GER, 2003 Jardy, FRA, 2013 Topolcianky, SK; 2015 Fábiánsebetyén, HUN).

  • Four-in-hand coach driving team world champion (2004 Kecskemét, HUN).


An outstanding personality in the coach driving world of both two-in-hand and four-in-hand driving.

  • Two times individual two-in-hand coach driving world championship, silver medal (1999. Kecskemét, HUN; 2015 Fábiánsebestyén, HUN).

  • Two times two-in-hand coach driving individual bronze medal (2009 Kecskemét, HUN, 2013 Topolcianky, SK).

  • Two-in-hand coach driving team silver medal (2009. Kecskemét, HUN).

  • Four-in-hand coach driving, team, bronze medal (2008 Beeds, the NED).

  • Individual and team four-in-hand coach driving european championship bronze medal  (2013. Izsák HUN).

  • One of his outstanding international success is the team victory and second place in the individual race at the largest Equestrian race of the world in Aachen, GER in 2004.

  • Six times four-in-hand hungarian champion (2004, 2007, 2008., 2010, 2011, 2013) and hree times two-in-hand hungarian champion (1996.,1999., 2003).

  • Two times winner of two-in-hand (1995., 2009.)  and  four  times winner of the four-in-hand (2006., 2008., 2010., 2012.)  Hungarian Derby .


Professional and public awards:

  • Order of Merit of the Hungarian Republic Knight Cross

  • Count István Széchenyi Memorial Medal (the highest equestrian award)

  • Eternal Champion of Hungarian Equestrian Sport

  • Member of the Society of Hungarian Sport Stars

  • In 1999 he received the Honorary Citizen award of the 17th district of Budapest

  • Six times the equestrian sportsman of the year

  • CBA Gold Emblem


"There is no sweeter melody than the clattering of horse shoes."

(Zoltán Zelk, Hungarian poet)


László Kádár and Imre Abonyi were two artists of Hungarian coach driving sport, each representing a different style. The styles of these two geniuses were combined by Zoltán Lázár, who cleverly drew the wild card, enfant terrible in a good sense, a hells rider, an outstanding personality of the coach driving world.

He is the only driver in the world who has won two gold medals in four-in-hand coach driving next to his four victories in two-in-hand driving.

2010 Breda, Holland. He came in first in the highest-ranking, he is at the front of the world list.

Six times world champion!

He has world-standard achievements in all the three coach driving numbers, but he prefers marathon driving the best. A tremendous driver.

In obstacle driving he is one of the best - if not the best – drivers of the world. In four consecutive world championships he didn't hit any balls in this struggle of nerves. imagine!

There were 160 cones and the same number of balls on top of the cones on the track and they all remained untouched. It is a driving sensation!

Are there downs in the career? Of course there are, for both Zoli and Vili. At times like this the cheerfulness, tender words of encouragement from the family and friends, the natural wonders of beautiful Domonyvölgy, waking to the new dawn of a new working day and the clattering of horse shoes make the dark hours and days pass away.


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