Zoltán Lázár jr.

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  Born: 17 August, 1998

  Son of Hungarian coach driver, Zoltán Lázár.

  A new hope of the Hungarian show jumping sport.

  Member of the Hungarian National Junior Team. 

  His role model and mentor is his father.

  • Year 2010 and 2011 Age group Hungarian Champion

  • 2011 Child - Youth and Junior European Championships, Comporta(POR) Individual,  4th

  • The youngest ever Grand Prix winner in the history of the Count István Szécheny Memorial Championship, 2013.

  • Year 2013 Junior Hungarian Champion

  • Year 2013 Junior Hungarian Ranking List winner.

  • Year 2013 Junior Grand Prix in Wiener Neustadt (AUT), individual 2nd.  


 Gyula Dallos, master trainer, all-time Hungarian Champion dressage rider
 Zsolt Pirik - national team member, show jumper

His horses:
Bellina - she was bred by the Lázár family. It is interesting to note that Bellina was of the horses driven by Zoltán Lázár sr. when he became individual champion in 1997.

The Count István Szécheny Memorial Championship was held in the Budapest National Riding Hall from 24-26 May, 2013.

Many talented Hungarian and international entries took part in this prestigious show jumping competition.

The senior section of the Sunday Grand Prix was won by 15-year-old Zoltán Lázár jr. with his horse named Brody, aged 13 years. He was faultless and the fastest in both rounds.

He is the youngest ever Grand Prix winner in the history of this memorial championship.

The legendary horsewhip (which can be viewed the Hall of the World champions):
Zoltán Lázár jr. received the riding whip from Ajtony Ákos, nine-time Hungarian show jumping champion. This is the riding whip of the late József Platthy, who was the only Hungarian Olympic champion in showjumping. He won his bronze medal at the 1936 Berlin Olympics with his blood-mare, Sellő.

It was József Platthy, or “Uncle Zsiga” by his nickname, who used this riding whip at the Berlin Olympics with his mare Sellő, and won a bronze medal in showjumping. Years later Uncle Zsiga presented young Ajtony Ákos with the whip, as he was sure that Ajtony would have a riding career comparable to his own. Ajtony, who became nine-time Hungarian champion, had similar motives when passing the riding whip over to young Zoltán Lázár jr. on 15 August, 2010, on the occasion of his winning the title of Junior Category Champion.

József Platthy (1900-1990) won a bronze medal with Sellő at the 1936 Berlin Olympics, this is the only Olympic medal of the Hungarian equestrian sport to date. This legendary rider of the first half of the 20th century was invincible between 1934-1942, he was nine-time Hungarian champion in the adult category.

Ajtony Ákos, who is still active as a coach, was born in 1944, and won nine Hungarian national championships in showjumping between 1967-1988. This result - together with the nine victories of József Platthy - seems to be unsurpassable to date. Ajtony Ákos took part in the 1972 Munich Olympics with Őzike and he also took part in the 1971 Aachen  and the 1987 St. Gallen European championships.

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