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2013. Weva 13rd. Congress had the gala dinner for 315 persons on the 04. October organized by the Blaguss.
Euromedic Pharma family day for the 2nd time for 400 persons.
WBO 26th Congress had the opening dinner in the Equestrian Park on 27 August with 200 persons.
On 19 May, 2013, Fressnapf Hungária Ltd. celebrated their 10th birthday with us.
CIC International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation had the opening dinner of their 60th General Meeting in the Equestrian Park on 28 April, 2013, with 300 persons.
On 24 April, the gala dinner of the 2nd Partnership Conference of the Hungarian and Chinese Local Governments was hosted by the Park, for 350 persons.
In 2013 the Russian Minister of Agriculture, the President of the Republic of Slovakia and the ministers of rural development from 18 countries visited the Equestrian Park.
The Spanish subsidiary of BAYER held their full-day event on our premises, arranged by STH - Special Tours Hungary.
2012. Lando Hungária Ltd. partners meeting with 115 persons.
The Russian subsidiary of Bayer had their team building event for 250 persons, organised by Tensi.
Wessling Hungary Ltd. Jubilee Celebration of their 20th anniversary with 400 persons.
Széchenyi Project Office’s team building event for 250 persons.
ÖMV team building programme for 50 persons, organized by H-Event.
Hungarian Media and Telecommunication Authority family day for 600 persons, organized by Pannónia Tours.
Euromedic Pharma family day for 250 persons.
Sofitel Chain Bridge jubilee celebration, staff event for 200 persons.
Heineken international team - thematic event (James Bond) organized by Liberty Incentive.
Nielsen, Oriflame, Autotal, Sade, SaraLee, GE, ÉMI Non-profit Llc. (Non-profit Limited Liability Company for Quality Control and Innovation in Building), FTC, Bosch, and Magyar Telekom all held their Christmas party with us.
For the Russian Syngenta we served a 750-person gala dinner in December.
2011. Subaru Europe / Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd (Subaru) the new Forester model international press preview and test drive from 10-20 January, 2011.
Visit of Her Excellency, Uyunqimg , the vice-president of the National Peoples' Congress of China.
Special events during the Presidency of the Council of the European Union including the ECOFIN, an informal meeting of the ministers for economy and finance – a gala dinner (310 persons).
The gala dinner following the presidential sitting of the field-secretary of the European People's Party (100 persons).
The closing event of the EU (for all the workers of the participating ministries in the EU Presidency) and catering for the government sitting held in the Gödöllő Royal Palace. (900 persons).
The Society for Hunting Cultureheld their General Meeting in the Equestrian Park.
Detki Keksz Ltd. organized their teambuilding event with us for 100 persons.
Chaine des Rotisseurs XIII. Grand Chapter member acceptance and promotion.
Teambuilding event for the Santander Bank before the Hungarian Formula 1 Grand Prix (450 persons).
Side event to Aeroplex International Airlines Technical Pool conference (475 persons).
Audi Management Meeting (600 persons). (Organised not in Germany for the first time.)
Association of ANVR Dutch Travel Agencies, Annual Congress organized by Contact Travel (230 persons).
Uniqa Raiffeisen Software Service Ltd., Siemens, Sara Lee, Bosch, Pro Region Nonprofit Ltd. held their Christmas party in 2011 in our restaurants.
2010. Uniqa Staff Christmas party (300 persons)
Side event to Protocol World Congress (150 persons).
61st general meeting of HOTREC (Association of European Hotels, Restaurants and Cafés). (80 persons)
VII World Meeting of Hungarian Physicians and Pharmacists- Banquet Dinner for 90 persons, organized by Convention Budapest.
The 16th International Symposium on Inventories (ISIR2010) for 175 persons, organized by Congress Line.
Best Western Central Europe Teambuilding Programme and Dinner. (60 persons)
British Petrol international teambuilding training. (60 persons)
IBM Technical University International Conference Dinner for 550 persons organized by Air Luck.
Dinner following the International Canoe Federation board meeting in which they decided to hold the 2011 World Championship in Hungary.
CIC - Nemzetközi Vadászati és Vadgazdálkodási Tanács 60. Közgyűlésének ünnepi nyitóvacsorája.jpg
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Orosz Bayer csapatépítő rendezvénye.jpg
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Subaru nemzetközi sajtótájékoztató és off-road tesztvezetés.jpg
Őexcl. kínai népi gyűlés alelnök asszonyának látogatása.jpg
Őexcl. kínai népi gyűlés alelnök asszonyának jókívánságai.jpg
EU Elnökségi rendezvény.jpg
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Santander csapatépítő rendezvénye.jpg
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